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An unforgettable visit

A small beach village, worthy of a romantic tale... a bucolic place that guides us through the heart of the nature that surrounds us. With its feet in the sea and its hands in the Leiria pine forest, São Pedro de Moel is truly between Green and Blue.

A popular place in the summer for people and couples who want to escape the common summer destinations, São Pedro de Moel is characterized mainly by being a place where we can relax and unwind, whatever the time of year. Perfect for when we want to take a break from our daily lives, here you can take magical walks through the streets of the town and through the pine forest, always with the sea as a backdrop, visit the Penedo da Saudade lighthouse or the house-museum of the writer Afonso Lopes Vieira, enjoy of fresh fish and seafood, going to the beach on a hot summer day or simply letting yourself be absorbed by nature.

São Pedro de Moel is the perfect symbiosis between sea and forest.

Located in the center of Portugal, São Pedro de Moel is very close to several places of interest, such as:

  • Nazaré 23km

  • Leiria 21km

  • Battle 27km

  • Alcobaça 32km

  • Óbidos 60km

  • Fátima 48km

  • Peniche 82km

  • Take 67km

  • Lisbon 140km

  • Porto 200km

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